Chiropractic in Manitoba

 Manitoba Health Services  (medicare) partially covers 7 visits per calendar year at $10 per visit. Patients are required to pay a non-insured fee per office visit which varies from office to office. When a patient exceeds 7 visits they are required to pay the full fee with the following exceptions:

WCB and MPIC  If you are being treated for a work-related, compensable injury or injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, the visits are paid for in full by the Workers Compensation Board or the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation. In these cases there is no private fee.

Social Assistance  
There is some coverage available for those on social assistance.


Private insurance  
Many companies now offer coverage for chiropractic care. The Elmwood Chiropractic Centre will bill insurance companies directly if your policy has that option. This will reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

The Manitoba Chiropractors’ Association

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